sex survey cos why not

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Anonymous said: Who is Sarah?

my tumblr bff doncha know



sarah did a survey so of course i have to do it now too

Why are you at home?

-I’m going to sleep soon.

Is there someone you wouldn’t mind kissing right now?


This time last year, were you single?


What is your significant other listed under in your phone?

-His name.

How are you feeling right now?

-Tired, but not tired enough…

What are you listening to?

-Parks and Rec.

Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?

-Probs not.

Are you a big fan of thunderstorms?


Do you live with anyone on your top?

-Is this survey from myspace???

Is there anyone you would do anything for?


What do you think about when you are falling asleep?

-Lots of things.

When will your next kiss be?

-Don’t know. :(

Are you satisfied with what you currently have in life?

-For the most part. 

Do people ever think you’re older/younger than you actually are?

-No?? I’m quite aware of how old I am??

Have you ever liked someone way older than you?

-No more than a few years.

How many texts are in your inbox?

-Too many.

Assuming you have Facebook, who last left you a wallpost?

-My friend, Carly. :)

Assuming you have various kinds of electronics (phone, camera, iPod, etc.), are you currently charging any of them?

-Laptop and phone.

Assuming you have hair, how are you wearing it today?


Assuming you’re listening to music, what are you listening to?

-I’m not.

Assuming you text, what does the 3rd text in your inbox say and who is it from?

-“Well hey, that’s fun ;)” What is the winky face about, you ask? You will never know…

Assuming you have better things to do other than surveys, what should you be doing right now?


Assuming you’re consuming something, what are you eating/drinking?


Assuming you’ve looked outside today, what’s the weather like?

-Lol barely looked outside. Pretty sure it was just overcast, though.

Assuming you’ll be wearing clothes today, what will your outfit be?

-I put on jeans at one point to meet the pizza delivery guy……… otherwise just been wearing pjs.

Assuming you have friends, when’s the last time you talked to one of your bests?


Assuming you actually get out of the house once in awhile, when’s the next time you’ll be traveling somewhere (anywhere) and where will you go?

-Going to work tomorrow. Sigh.

Assuming you’re not a saint, have you ever shoplifted?

-Like once. I took some Rolo’s from the corner store just to see if I could… it was pretty dumb lol.

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omg it’s a survey.

I don’t know why, I just don’t find these so interesting anymore. Probably because I’ve done like 3000 of them. But this one is short and popped up on my dash and I’m bored.

Would you date someone who’s shorter than you? 
If I love them. :) Jim is shorter than me when I wear even the slightest heal haha.

Have you ever fallen in love on the internet? 

Have you ever had a crush on your best friend’s sweetie? 
I guess. Because I liked him / he and I did stuff before they started dating.

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i hate this class so much i am doing a survey

Who would I find you with this morning at 12am?
No one, except my roommate sleeping in the next room.

What will you be doing in three hours?
I’ll be in band, playing the flute.

What bugged you about the last person you dated?
Many things………. to name one: It eventually got to a point when I couldn’t talk to him about anything that I felt he was doing wrong because he never believed he was ever doing anything wrong and he barely ever tried to change. (Just keeping that old answer cos it still applies.)

Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you?
Yes yes!

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